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Evexia Day Surgery Hospital

Kingdom of Bahrain

Evexia Day Surgery Hospital is a first-of-its-kind, multi-specialty day surgery hospital conveniently located in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain within proximity to major hospitals. This  project was inspired by our observation of a clear market gap for quality yet affordable healthcare services in the Kingdom of Bahrain, our research demonstrated that outpatient hospitals offer significant cost savings compared to their traditional outpatient counterparts, all the while maintaining similar quality. The hospital aims to provide its patients with access to outpatient surgeries as its flagship offering as well as other specialty consultations and diagnostic services as secondary services.

Inspired, in addition, to favorable regulations and a positive market outlook for Bahrain’s private healthcare sector are two of the main underpinnings behind the project’s rationale.

JEO has overseen the entire process of establishing the hospital, from conceptualization and planning, design, equipment procurement, talent acquisition, and management of the operations post-launch.